In the book The Secrets of Spinning Your Life, author Susan Lordi presents “six ways to rediscovering life in death.” These six ways include: doing what you love, knowing yourself before others can see it, listening to your intuition, connecting with your own beliefs and finally loving yourself and others. As a writer, I get a kick out of reminding people that each of us is unique and that we each have our own gifts and talents. We each have what makes us uniquely qualified to do the things that we love to do.

There are so many ways to tell stories in our lives and when one or another of us dies, it can be hard to know how to move forward, let alone share our precious stories with those who might be inspired by our tales. The good news is that sharing our stories with others is within all of our reach. When death bereaves mothers hear these wonderful pointers from a professional who understands the power of storytelling, their grief and confusion may melt away.

The book The Secrets of Spinning Your Life focuses on stories that show death bereaved mothers how they can regain their courage and live a more fulfilled life. In this inspiring book, you will learn the following fourteen points: We create our own life’s magic. By opening up to ourselves and listening to our innermost thoughts, we can regain our courage and live a more fulfilled life. A woman’s story is a woman’s story. Reading someone else’s story that includes the pain, wonder and amazement of their grief and confusion will give us hope and inspiration.

People are searching for a greater understanding of themselves. National Geographic has more than twelve million readers. When we share our stories and put our lives into the hands of others, it is possible to touch millions of people throughout the world. National Geographic’s “Tell Me More” series is one of the most popular television shows on television. This program gives ordinary people the opportunity to share their stories with the rest of the world by telling us their “Tell Me More” stories through the lens of a professional camera.

Everyone loves to listen to others tell stories. Hearing others talk about their grief and confusion allows us the opportunity to reflect on our own experiences so that we can better understand those around us. Many people have discovered the joy of storytelling when they are asked to do so by someone else. Asking someone else to help you break your own pattern of silence is so healing, it can literally transform your entire life. The act of sharing your own story can be as powerful as the acts of kindness and sacrifice demonstrated during the filming of a documentary.

Stories are powerful. The act of telling stories is often the only thing that remains when death takes over. It is important that we find ways to remember the people who have left us and to grieve in a healthy way. Watching a national Geographic show like “Tell Me More,” or listening to a collection of true stories, can be just the thing that helps us move forward toward healing.